This class is designed to specifically support and care for the back in a safe and fun sequence of poses. We will focus on relieving muscle tension, increasing flexibility and strengthening all our supporting muscles. This is a mindful yoga practice paying special attention to healing the spine. I have found that using the ‘Spinefulness’ guidelines as taught at the Balance Center (based on yoga principles and the pioneering research of Noelle Perez-Christians at the Aplomb Institute in Paris) can restore and heal our vertebral alignment. The more movement we do in spinal alignment, the more strength we build. 

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Book References-

  • 'Put Your Back at Ease' by Thea Sawyer
  • '8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back' by Esther Gokhale, L.Ac.
  • 'Natural Posture for Pain-Free Living' by Kathleen Porter
  • 'Kentro Body Balance' by Angelika Thusius
  • 'The McCall Body Balance Method' by Lisa Ann McCall
  • 'Sad Dog Happy Dog' by Kathleen Porter (great for teaching kids)



NAMASTE HIGHLAND PARK - 5118 York Blvd., Highland Park, CA 90042

BURBANK ATHLETIC CLUB - 226 Palm Avenue, Burbank CA 91502

“Shoshana is the personalization of yoga, it is not something that she teaches, she is the most natural, integrated and loving expression of what I expect yoga to be. Her ability to communicate and express her process in the terms of yogic concepts and to reflect that understanding in the most creative expression of postures is beautiful. She brings her life to yoga and her classes are practical, creative and fun.”

-Steve Dowell, long time Yogini, kindred spirit, and lovely man!