This workshop is for all those wanting to understand more about their spine and how to keep it strong, safe and supported. Sadly back pain and injury is up to 90% in the US. There is a lot of amazing study and research happening as to why this is and how we can heal. This work is my passion as I am one of the 90% that has had spinal injury and back pain. Let’s heal and grow strong together!

We will go over all the basic alignment principals that keep the spine safe and elongated in everyday life and within the yoga practice. I will share some simple modifications for our yoga postures that focus on spinal strength and extension. By incorporating the basic biomechanical features of our bodies design we begin the journey to becoming genuinely stronger, more flexible and youthful in the body. We will discover how our daily activities and how we move through the world can be our most powerful healing tool. Sitting, standing, walking, sleeping, driving and computing can all be empowering practices. I will share different prop options that can also be very helpful. There will be time for Q & A and for some individualized attention.