Seeing Everyone as Our Friend

We all have a longing to belong. It is so easy to feel alone and separate in this world, to forget we are all connected and we are all love. I know this is true and yet I often feel unworthy of belonging.

As a child, I REALLY wanted to be cool. So much so that I would adopt the likes and preferences of the cool kids. I really liked Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond, but pretended to like Rush and Van Halen. Hiding who I really was became a way of life. I think a lot of us have a time when we need to come out of the closet in a sense, to be seen for who we really are, and to stop pretending. The labels we put on ourselves and others limit our freedom.

See, I have this pimple, let’s call him Fred. He’s been on my chin for about a month now and I was joking that he was starting his own blog, but now it’s not just a joke! He’s got something to say! It’s nuts what this brings up for me. This reminder sits right on my face, for everyone to see that I’m simply human. It is a challenge for me to let people see my imperfections, it brings up that dang sense of being less than. What’s the worse thing that can happen, people notice? The most painful part is self-abandonment. That’s the true fear. No one cares about my pimple like I do. It is my practice today, to stand with pride with Fred on my chin, to love myself and let others love me. To feel a part of the human race and hold the realization that we are all sacred and precious. To drop the labels and realize everybody’s poo stinks and we all get pimples. I’m learning to stop fighting Fred, and to apply some spiritual principles to this experience.  I find loving acceptance and peace in this moment, without thinking it ‘should’ be another way. I stay open and receptive instead of shut down and hiding. In my own way, I befriend Fred.

We all want to connect to that enlarged sense of belonging. We want to feel held and loved by something greater and to realize the truth of who we are, and that we are not separate. I applaud all of you who walk into a yoga class – you’re brave! I think every time we come into a group we butt up against our fears of separateness and being less than. It is my hope and goal to create a loving space for all who enter to feel a part of, to embrace their own Fred, to be real and be seen for exactly the true beauty that we each are.