Align with the Divine

Most of us today grow up feeling very disconnected from our bodies, spirit, the earth and each other. This disconnect has taken a toll on us and the planet. We can learn so much from indigenous cultures where inter-connectedness is integrated into everyday culture. Also the percentage of people with back pain in less industrialized cultures is at about 10%, where we are up to 90%.

“We are bleeding at the roots because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars. Love has become a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table." - D. H. Lawrence

Disconnection is painful. We’ve forgotten that we are designed for ease. Life is hard and grueling when we are out of touch with our source of life, our spirit. This life is a journey to come back home. We can solve many of our struggles by reconnecting with our true nature.

Babies are born knowing that they come from love and that they are love, just like most babies are born with a spine that is in balance and healthy. As we move through our lives we get bumped and bruised and forget the truth, and forget our true form. We assign our self worth to accomplishments and appearance; we sit and move without awareness of what we are putting our bodies through.

As one grows, the spine is shaped by many factors. It usually gets knocked around a bit. In order to come back to our deep skeletal alignment, it is very helpful to become aware of stacking the bones along the line of gravity so we can reconnect with ease and be friction free. It’s this beautiful dance, harmonizing with life moment to moment. It’s like those “aha” moments when you feel in line with your spirit, those moments of bliss, ease, and fluidity. It’s the same with aligning our spines. We have a moment of no effort, of feeling held up, then muscles soften and surrender. It is a process of growing in awareness and deepening a connection with our bodies. As we work to reverse this disconnection on all levels, we can reclaim the true shape the body is meant to take.

We suffer when out of alignment and when we assign our self worth to the externals. W­­hen we move off the line of gravity, friction takes root and we hurt.

Healing happens when we align with the divine physically, spiritually, and mentally. In the same way we align our thoughts, words, and actions with love and compassion, we can align our spines with our true bio-mechanical design.

‘Spiritual wisdom from all traditions tells us that disconnection from your highest, this split from your true home of consciousness, this cosmic forgetfulness, is the cause of all of your suffering.’ –Dr. Barbara DeAngelis.