I have been doing design and beadwork for over 22 years. It is such a joy to create and share beauty. I use needle and thread to weave natural stones and antique seed beads from the 1800’s together to create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. I use my own, self taught method of beadwork to create a beautiful synthesis of colors and patterns. Incorporating macrame adds to the vintage, earthy feel that I love and works beautifully with my beadwork.


I started making these tube/halter tops as an alternative to fitted yoga tanks. They offer freedom of movement and keep all the right parts covered. There are also so many styling options. You can change up the strap, or wear strapless to go party. I use many different kinds of fabrics, vintage indian gauze is my favorite! I'd love to make you a custom top.     


3rd Eye Crowns adorn Ajna Chakra (3rd eye). They empower the 3 I’s - Intuition, Imagination and Inspiration. Wear the 3rd Eye Crown and be in union with the divine. Experience oneness and unconditional love. Your inner Goddess, your wildest dreams and your most magnificent light will radiate and shine!